A Last Star Alliance Fling? To Chicago with United Airlines and Air Canada

To London and Lounges

Chicago from the Hyatt Regency O'Hare (c) Muggins


2am. On a Birmingham Morning… with me not awake.

The more things change, the more they stay the same some say. For me, it is a fact of life. Early flights mean the early coach to London from Digbeth Coach Station.

My trash at outside the flat…

I called the taxi and lugged my stuff outside, thinking I had everything. The taxi came quickly, and soon enough the taxi was making its way through the heart of Birmingham when I suddenly realised not everything was right. A frantic paw around revealed an epic problem – the lack of a passport. A quick turn around, and it was back to the flat to grab the passport (still in its usual hiding place) and back in the cab.

All I’m going to say is this: I’m glad I found out in my home city, and not on the M40… or at Heathrow Airport itself…

I paid the cabbie off a substantial amount for the 3 trips as he was driving to the coach station, and the cab pulled up outside the coach station… where the coach was preparing to depart (with a minute to spare).

The coach driver looked at me and said “Leaving a bit late aren’t we?”

I showed my tickets and the cause of the trouble, and I was let aboard with a smile – something difficult to do sometimes at 2:46 in the morning.

National Express Route 210
Birmingham Digbeth Coach Station to London Heathrow Central Bus Station.

Pretty much after I got aboard and found a seat, the doors were closed, and the coach set off to Birmingham International, Banbury and finally London Heathrow Central Bus Station.

Pulling out of Digbeth.

Normally, this coach service to the London Airports is a quiet sleeper service for those who want to get to Heathrow or Gatwick early. Sadly, there were loud chatterboxes sitting a few rows back from me. Thankfully, my cheapie £1 Noise Isolation headphones drowned them out.

The coach made its way in the dark to Birmingham Airport, where it seemed there a fault developed with the overhead light above my seat where it dimmed and darkened of its own accord. Wonderful. All I could do was angle it away, which seemed to do the trick.

The other issue was the aircon or heating – or both units fighting each other, along with some of the passengers who wanted it warmer whilst others wanting it a bit chillier. Guess there’s no pleasing anyone really..

Still the coach pottered its merry way to Banbury and then onto Heathrow, arriving pretty much on scheduled.

I thanked the driver profusely, and loaded up the bags, off into the wonder that is the underground mess of the Central Terminal Area.

Heathrow T1

After making my way along the travelators and lifts to T1, I headed to the United Premium Check area where the lovely ITCS people were waiting. My Passport swiped by the security company, and I was let on my way.

It was then a case of heading to the desk where my bags were tagged, my addresses taken, and an escort to the Zone Y bag drop so that I proved that wasn’t modifying my bags after check-in (the excuse has changed from “they’re doing work” to “security purposes”).

T1 Security was its usual fast self, and I was in the air-side area quickly.  This being this is one of the last times I’ll be at LHR before the sale is complete of BMI to IAG (BA), it was appropriate to head to The Great British Lounge final time (before they rebrand it. Again).

Lounge Stop: The Great British Lounge – British Midland International

Of course, this is our BMI. That meant a short wait whilst they sorted out a couple of issues in the kitchen before I was let in.

After the agent got off the phone, I was welcomed warmly, and directed inwards to the lounge.  I’ve written about this lounge a fair few times, and my view of it have not changed in the least – it’s a wonderful space, but the food options early in the morning aren’t exactly stellar by any stretch of the imagination.

Pancakes are always good though.

At the bar…

Coffee machines

Still, it being 5:40 in the morning, it was quiet. And that was appreciated. I headed to the window to watch the world go by as the inky black of the night turned in a waking dawn and watching the early arrivals being to taxi around Heathrow.

The lounge staff that was there – were attentive, and did a great job making sure food and beverages were well stocked. And it was peaceful – something that is sometimes missing from a lounge.

Peace and Quiet.

And yet there is one sign that someone else owns BMI still… although that is to change…

Gone now…

However, there is a minor problem. As the BMI lounge is near gate 5, and my flight will be departing in the extended Europier (Gate 38… or rather 238), I decided to head off early and switch to the Star Alliance lounge.

I thanked the staff, and for once – filled in the guest book to say thankyou to the BMI Staff.

Overall: The BMI Great British Lounge remains one of the highlights of T1 for the international traveller, and if you have a BMI Ticket (or a BA Gold/Silver Card), it should be on your stopping list. Hopefully even as the lounge metamorphoses back into a British Airways lounge, it keeps some of its distinct character.

Of course heading to the Star Alliance lounge means crossing the shopping mall that is Heathrow T1. Sadly, this also means a quick top up of Duty Free for my American friends  before heading to the Star Alliance Lounge. Such is life.

Star Alliance Common Lounge

Where the BMI lounge is well lit, and wonderful, the murk that is the Star Alliance lounge awaits. But it’s not exactly a bad lounge… it could just do with a few more lights installed in places.

Don’t get me wrong, whilst it makes it atmospheric, it can mean you’re hunting for stuff if it falls out of a bag.

A touch more light would be lovely…

The one thing that the Star Alliance lounge has over the BMI lounge has is catering – which is substantially better than the BMI lounge. As this is the final stopping point before flying, it was a case of charging the phone, and tucking into breakfast whilst creating mad blog entries.

Well, it’s my tradition. I’m allowed a few mad entries. That and the Vodka and Orange probably helped me to wake up.  Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows really.  All I knew was that I had Sausage and Bacon rolls with far too much mustard. And that’s not a bad thing per say at 6:30 in the morning.

Hot Items

Drinks in a corner


Seeing 7am had passed, it was time to bag up my trash, and head to back end of beyond – commonly known as the Europier extension.

Overall: How much do a few lights cost to install? For Star Alliance travellers, from the 31st May – this is your home. Remove the moody lighting and who knows… the lounge might improve…

Heading to Gate 38, it’s a case of looking at the work of T2 that are in progress, and cursing BAA for not installing enough travelators in this place. Or to put it bluntly, BAA have a shuttle bus service that runs from near the Star Alliance lounge to the far 30’s gates – I think they’ve recognised it’s getting a bit silly now.

Morning Dawn over T1.

Sunrise in the terminal – I like this image for some reason.

Upon entering the gate lounge, there was another security check, and after a short wait – boarding commenced for this morning slog across the pond.

Next: UA923 to Washington Dulles

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A Last Star Alliance Fling? To Chicago with United Airlines and Air Canada

The Introduction – and An Apology

Chicago from the Hyatt Regency O'Hare (c) Muggins


Firstly: An Apology.

Lets try writing this trip report again. Due to a big problem when I started to write this (work was just bananas), this got put to the wayside, and then left… and left… and left.

I rediscovered this as I was going through Google Docs a few days ago, and realised this actually was an interesting Trip Report as this was shortly after SHARES went live at United, and there were a couple of stand-out points. So this report is … a good 9 months late, but it should have some value (and amusement) to you all I hope.

Thankfully, I found I had written a majority of it, with just a few pertinent bits missing. Hopefully I should be able to assemble this over the next week or so and convert it into something resembling a trip report.

Once again, it’s my classic spring Chicago run where I turn my eyes onto the airlines to see if they’re still delivering – or not – down the back of the plane. And of course – this trip is economy class. But regular readers should have guessed this. This was probably my last Star Alliance run for quiet a bit unless something good comes up.

As I’ve noted elsewhere, I’m grounded on the bit due to Her Majesty’s Government and the Department of Health not knowing how to fund projects (thus jobs), so this could be the last one for a while.

As a reminder to some of my grammar conscious/grammar sensitive readers, please head to http://ghettoife.boardingarea.com/2012/03/18/blog-admin-a-message-to-the-grammar-checkers-out-there/ for an explanation of why my grammar may not be up to others high standards.

A Rock and a Hard Place (The Introduction)

Frequent flyer memberships and elite memberships can be a blessing or a curse – something a lot of us can agree on.

For me, it’s a mixed blessing. The upside is I can control my costs on certain trips (and lets make no bones, with the amount of luggage I tote on some trips, it is not a nicety having an extended baggage allowance, it’s a requirement). The down side is to get that baggage allowance, I need to fly a lot down the back of the plane lot of back of the plane a I don’t have expense accounts to charge our flying habit – hence why I spend a lot of my life in Economy Class

It also provides some of you with entertainment. Or is it car crash reading?  It’s the same difference to me… ;)

Anyway, I got the call that I was wanted in Chicago again to do pretty pictures, and it’s impolite to say no when there is a trip to one of my favourite cities in the world.  But when booking the usual London-Chicago trip, the question turns from how do you make it as interesting as possible?

Sure, I could do the basic back-to-back LHR-ORD-LHR trip, but that is just boring. Besides, I find it is nice to break up a trip occasionally.

That and the direct flights were to be overpriced… again (pretty common with United).

Eventually, I settled the following:

  • Outbound via Washington Dulles on the way out as the times were agreeable – 923 to IAD, 221 onto ORD
  • Inbound via Toronto on a UA151 flight to YYZ and homeward on Air Canada’s Boeing 777-300ER

Now whilst I’m not on speaking terms with Canadian Immigration still (especially after last time I went through Toronto), but an option for Air Canada is always welcome in my book… and it’s not exactly if I’m going into the country to corrupt the nation (although I swear that’s what Canadian Immigration think…)

So I opened my wallet and cried at the £411.93 (it seems the march of the upward airfare continues… and this is pre-APD rise), and booked the ticket to The Windy City.

Idly I checked the booking, and found that United had changed the return flight from ORD to YYZ, and the YYZ to LHR leg was re-timed and re-equipped to an A330.

Wonderful. A phone call later, and that was sorted and I was able to play with the booking again.

Checking the options, I saw something – an F upgrade for one of the legs. For $69 (The ORD-YYZ leg). Compared to the cost of the IAD-ORD upgrade cost (add a 1 in front to get the upgrade price), this seemed palatable. I therefore shoved the extra change towards United. If the extra miles didn’t turn up, who cares? In this case it would keep the agents quiet about my luggage if they asked. And that’s not a bad thing.

Map by the Great Circle Mapper: www.gcmap.com

So the big question – Where to credit to? Well to my own stupidity I credited them to BMI Diamond Club. So much for a head start on whatever airline I want to go for Star Gold with next time. Oh well.

For accommodation, I would be heading to my usual haunt of the Hyatt Regency O’Hare later in the trip. But I also wanted to enjoy life in downtown Chicago for once – and whilst commuting back and forth on the CTA Blue line is fun, it does damage to your back if you’re carrying the amount of stuff I carry or pick up for others downroute.

I therefore plonked for the Intercontinental Chicago on North Michigan Avenue.

Now that’s an eye opener for some of you I’d wager. Let’s just say I got a reasonable rate that day that made the Hyatt look expensive (and I don’t pay full rate at the Hyatt!)

So hotels, planes… am I missing something? Oh yes. Getting back n forth to London Heathrow Airport. Back to National Express with me with a £49.40 return coach ticket. This is due to National Express only selling full price tickets on Airport trips and no FunFares.

Forty Nine Notes to sit on a coach for 2 and a half hours there and back. I ask you…

Anyway, on with the show!

Coming up: I prove I can be a dolt some days, a farewell to BMI and of course… lounges!

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If you haven’t have done already, and you’re outside the United Kingdom, it is coming to the last gasps of BMI Diamond Club, and you should be getting your Diamond Club Miles converted to Avois by 31st December.

It is easy enough to do, takes 5 minutes tops.  I’ve published a little guide how to transfer your Diamond Club miles to Avois. Just ensure that all your details match to allow the transfer to occur.

If you have failed to match your Diamond Club Gold or Silver to BA Gold/Silver, now at http://www.ba.com/welcomebmi is the time to do it as the status match offer will run out on 31st December 2012.

For those of you in the United Kingdom, you can still transfer your miles after 1st January 2013 (as some of us still have BMI Credit Cards which are miles accruing). Those of you in The South West Pacific Area (Australia and New Zealand), your accounts remain frozen for now as BA decides what they’re doing with your account.

However, the clock is ticking with one week to go. The only real use of Diamond Club Miles is to convert them to Avios so you can use them elsewhere…. so I’d transfer them whilst you have the chance – because after next week… they’re mostly worthless…

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I hate the post some days. Be it bills or letters about the lack of stability in my real world job (oh yes, than you Andrew Lansley MP for South Cambridgeshire, Ex Secretary of State for Health and  for adding a layer of uncertainty to my post so I might not make it past 1st April 2013 in my current job).

Sometimes it brings joy in the form of membership kits, but otherwise, the post doesn’t bring a lot of joy these days.

Today, was another letter came through that’s in the in the letters you don’t want to receive pile – this one is from IAG/BA and the remains of Diamond Club, and written confirmation of what’s going on:

The letter confirms what we all know:

  • All earning except via the credit card is suspended
  • From 31st December, any remaining access will be online only
  • Tier match until 31st December 2012

Still, it’s not a nice letter to get – another sign of the final parts of BMI coming to a close.

(Apologies for the mini-rant at the beginning of this post. I’ve needed to get that out of my system today).

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For those of us who watch the skies, the sight of the White and Blue whale will soon disappear from the sky on bigger birds as British Midland Internationals Operating Certificate expires today.

BMI Airbus A320 at London Heathrow

A short potted history:

The Early Years

  • bmi began life in 1938 as Air Schools Ltd, specialising in RAF pilot training
  • In 1949, the company became known as Derby Aviation, diversifying operations to include passenger and cargo charter services
  • In 1959, the company became known as Derby Airways, changing to British Midland Airways in 1964, when it moved to the newly opened East Midlands Airport in 1965


  • Throughout the 1970s, British Midland Airways further expanded domestic and international passenger services, including longhaul destinations
  • The company celebrated a landmark in 1979, when over one million passengers were carried for the first time in a single year


  • bmi’s growth continued during the 1980s and passenger carryings were recorded at 1.8M
  • The company established its headquarters at Castle Donington near East Midlands Airport in 1982, and in 1986 the airline changed its name to British Midland
  • In 1989, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) purchased a 24.9% stake in the airline at a cost of £25M


  • By the end of the 1990s, British Midland enjoyed passenger carryings of over 6.5M a year
  • In 1992, Scandinavian Airlines increased its share to 40%
  • In 1993, it became the first European carrier to offer a separate Business Class cabin for business travellers and in 1995, it became the first airline to offer a booking service with payment over the internet
  • In 1999, Lufthansa acquired a 20% stake in British Midland from the 40% owned by Scandinavian Airlines


  • British Midland joined Star Alliance on 1 July 2000
  • The turn of the century saw an expansion of routes and the beginning of longhaul operations to the USA, India and Saudi Arabia
  • The airline’s new global ambition was accompanied by a rebranding to bmi British Midland in 2001, subsequently shortened to bmi two years later
  • In 2002, bmibaby, a low-cost subsidiary with its own unique brand, was launched
  • Following the acquisition of BMED in 2007, bmi enjoyed rapid expansion to 17 midhaul destinations in the Middle East, Asia and Africa
  • The route network was strengthened further with the addition of more midhaul destinations including the launch of services to Russia
  • On 1 July 2009, bmi became a member of the Lufthansa group
  • In 2012, International Airlines Group (IAG) became the new owner of British Midland Limited and bmi Regional was sold from IAG to Sector Aviation Holdings Ltd (SAH). bmibay was shut down.

bmibaby Boeing 737-300 landing at East Midlands Airport

Of BMI, the only thing that remains is BMI Regional, which is now part of Sector Avation who begin operations on their own from 28th Ocotber (with their own ticket stock – Code 480).  bmibaby’s planes have been sent to storage, pending dispersal to other carriers.  As of BMI Mainline itself, the Blue and White Whale will be painted over (and is in the process of being painted over into British Airways Chatham Dockyard colours, with the A330′s disposed of whilst BA keeps the A319′s, A320′s and A321′s.

BMI A330 taxing at Manchester Airport

Flight BD928 will be the final flight and is operating from Baku. It will arrive at Heathrow (subject to ATC) around 10:30BST, who have operated from the T1 complex for over 30 years. The flght will be greeted with a water-cannon salute as it pulls in for the final time as a BMI service (before becoming a British Airways plane).

And that will end the name British Midland International, British Midland Airways for the time being.

G-MEDF completing the final BMI flight with a water cannon salute – Picture – TCX69 via FlyerTalk

From the 28th October, FlyBMI.com will unavailable, and you’ll need to access www.diamondclub.org to access you miles and get them out of Diamond Club over to British Airways Executive Club. Also note that all earnings have now ended except via the BMI Credit Card.

For all non UK residents (except South Pacific), you’ll need to get your miles transferred to Avois by 31st December. UK residents have more time whilst the BMI Credit Card exisits. South Pacific Members have had their accounts frozen, pending a decision on what to do with them (as the default oneworld membership for that region is Qantas)

And so, another footnote in British Aviation history is added.

So long and thanks for all the cheese toasties.

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With latest email from BMI, it seems anything useful with BMI Diamond Club is coming to the end.

During the past few months, we have been in contact with you regarding a number of changes that have been made to the Diamond Club, following the sale of bmi to IAG, the owner of British Airways.

Following a detailed review of the Diamond Club, we would like to announce a series of further changes.

From 27 October 2012, the following benefits will no longer be available:

•     Earning and spending your destinations miles on bmi operated flights with a bmi flight number
•     Earning and spending your destinations miles on airline partners British Airways, Jet Airways, Qatar Airways  and Transaero Airlines
•     Earning destinations miles on bmi hotel partners, WorldPoints, through American Express Membership
      Rewards or when you shop online
•     Buying destinations miles
•     Upgrading your flight with destinations miles
•     Earning status miles

However, Diamond Club customers will still be able to earn destinations miles by using the bmi Credit Card and can transfer these into Executive Club Avios at an attractive rate, using our transfer tool. Find out more about transferring your miles here.

Please review the new terms and conditions here.

From 28 October 2012 you will not be able to access your Diamond Club account on www.flybmi.com. However, we have created a new website for our UK and South West Pacific members called www.diamondclub.org, where you can access your destinations miles balance and full account information. The new website will be available from 27 October 2012.

Tier match with the Executive Club

If you are a Diamond Club Gold or Silver member, don’t forget you can still apply for matching tier status within the Executive Club until 31 December 2012 at ba.com/tiermatch.

Gold and Silver members can also continue to access the bmi and selected British Airways lounges at London Heathrow and London Gatwick until 31 December 2012.

British Airways is inviting all Diamond Club members, who are not already members of the Executive Club to enrol at ba.com/welcomebmi.

For more information on the changes please visit ba.com/diamondclub.

Source – Email From BMI

Lets look at this a bit deeper at what’s being cut – and the answer is… well… everything. From the 28th October

  • No spending or earning on any flying partners (BA, Jet, Qatar or Transaero)
  • All other earning is killed off through hotel partners, WorldPoints, and  American Express Membership
  • Nothing to do with Buying miles, earning miles or upgrading miles.
  • The only way you will be able to earn BMI miles is through the BMI MBNA Credit Card.

If you haven’t done your status match to BA, now is the time to do it as the deadline for this is 31st December 2012. Avios transfers remain to 1:1 at this time, however the facility to transfer miles will close for all non-UK customers after 31st December 2012.

For those BMI members in the South Pacific there is a problem as they can’t join BA Executive Club at this time. BA is reviewing the options at this time

The American Express membership is also worrying that’s the membership rewards gone as well.

We all knew this has been coming for some time – its just a bit disheartening to see it happen.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again – unless you are desperate to make a redemption on Jet, Qatar or Transaero, I’d be converting your Destination Miles to Avios now. I’d also seriously consider stopping spending with BMI Credit Cards unless there is a good reason now.

Ladies and Gentlemen: The BMI games is heading to the final minutes….


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For those of you still with Diamond Club, another redemption partner will be closing its door soon.

Qatar Airways has posted that is withdrawing earn and burn on BMI from 28th Octotber (the date where all BMI aircraft should be operating on BA certificates)

According to Qatar Airways:

This is to inform you that effective 28th October 2012, British Midland Airlines will no longer be our Airline Partner. Therefore, Privilege Club members can no longer earn Qmiles or request an award ticket on bmi from 28th October 2012.

If you have flown with bmi on or prior to 27th October 2012 and still haven’t received your Qmiles, you can claim for these Qmiles up to six months from your date of travel.

Award tickets requested for travel on or beyond 28th October 2012 must be issued by 27th October 2012. Any changes to the tickets will not be permitted from 28th October 2012 onwards.

Please note that in the event a bmi flight number is changed to another airline flight number,you will not be able to earn Qmiles for travel on this flight or request for redemption even if travel date is before 27th October 2012.
For any further queries regarding the above, please contact our Member Service Centre at +974 44496449 or write to membersvc@qmiles.com

You can still continue to earn or redeem your Qmiles with our other Partner Airlines. For more details, please click here


I’d expect a reciprocal notice on the BMI site soon enough. Additionally (from a personal perspective), I’d expect more winding down of Diamond Club over the next few week other partners being sliced off around that date.

The BMI Diamond Club party is slowly coming to an end – time to transfer those Destination Miles in Avios when the options start to dry up…

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International Airlines Group (BA/Iberia/BMI) is having a bad time of it – loosing €390m  ($476m; £306m) loss for the six months to the end of June.

This is especially bad as the group turned in a €39 million pre-tax profit in the same period in 2011. Revenue increased in the period by10% to €8.5bn vs €7.8bn in the same timeframe.

Whilst revenue has been up, costs has also risen, with fuel costs going up by 25% as well as the costs of business restructuring (especially since it’s taken on BMI too)

Most of the trouble seemingly has come from the Spanish arm of Iberia which sustained a loss €263 million during the first half of 2012.

IAG’s CEO – Willie Walsh has thrown out a warning

“Iberia’s problems are deep and structural and the economic environment reinforces the need for permanent structural change. We are currently working on a restructuring plan for Iberia which we anticipate will be finalised by the end of September.”

“Inevitably, we will not be able to avoid job losses as part of this process.”

As well as redundancy costs, migration costs to Iberia Express, the economic conditions that the Iberia business unit operates in are worsening in Spain.

Very few carriers are making it through unscathed this year as the European downturn is having a major hit. Combined with high fuel costs, carriers are trying to reorganise themselves to make profit.

But when there are staff losses, it always makes those profits a bit more bitter.

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Well the tool is live… so it’s time to convert those BMI Diamond Club Destination Miles to British Airways Avios (unless there’s a reason you want Diamond Club miles – eg redemption space on Jet, Qatar, Virgin Atlantic or Transaero).

An update before you begin from BMI – Ensure the following is up to date:

  • Contact details
  • Name
  • Email address
  • Date of birth

in both your Diamond Club and Executive Club accounts. Also note that into Household Account balances are not possible.

How to do it:

1) Go to www.britishairways.com and log into your Executive Account Page

2) Go to Manage My Account

3) On the next page click Combine My Avios

4) You’ll be presented with a screen. Read the T&C’s, and hit Combine my Avios

5) There will be a short load period, and then you’ll be asked what you wish to combine. Select bmi Diamond Club:

6) Next you need to log into your Diamond Club account FROM THIS PAGE to extract the Avios. Fill the form in and press LOG IN AND CONTINUE

7) We’re now getting to the serious bit. If the tool recognises your BMI details, you’ll get your BMI Balance on the right. Now, here’s the biggie. THIS IS A ONE WAY TRANSFER, and you will not be able to move your miles back to BMI.

Providing your happy with this, enter the amount of miles you wish to convert into Avios, and press “Review Combine my Avios”


8) We’re almost at the point of no return now. Read everything on the screen and ensure you’re happy with the amounts. If you’re not happy in any way, hit “Go back a step”.  If you are happy, and agree to the T&C’s, click the check box and hit “Combine my Avios”

9) And now. Wait. It takes a minute or so to complete.

10)  And if all goes correctly, you’ll get this screen:

That’s it! Your Diamond Club Miles have been moved successfully. To check it, ignore the big screens and head to your statement. (Click Manage My Account, then My Statement)

11) You should get something like this:

Give it 30 minutes (or log off and log back in again), and the big balances on the right hand side should have updated successfully. You’ll also get two emails – one from your Diamond Club Account and one from your British Airways Executive Club Account.

And that’s all there is to it. Again, make sure you’re happy to remove your BMI Diamond Club Destination Miles as it is a one way process from Diamond Club to Executive Account.

If you’ve got problems transferring, head to The BMI Diamond Club FlyerTalk Thread – http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/bmi-diamond-club/1362406-diamond-club-baec-avios-transfer-tool-report-successes-issues.html where a lot of questions have been already answered.

Happy converting!

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More news from Diamond Club as the programme is slowly being wound down in its current form:

No miles for spending with the following ex-Partners with immediate effect:

  • Earning and spending your destinations miles on bmi hotels  (Expedia Portal)
  • Earning and spending your destinations miles on car hire with Europcar
  • Earning destinations miles with Purple Parking

If you want to convert your Diamond Club miles for Gifts and Treats (Why? They’ll be perfectly good Avios soon enough), you’ve got until 17 June 2012.

For those who have or used Electronic Gold Upgrade Vouchers (eGUV’s), those as of today are now worthless and have been withdrawn and you will no longer be able to use this on any flights with immediate effect.

Lifetime BMI Golds have also been delivered the bad news that they’ve been accepting: British Airways will only match for a minimum of 1 year Gold for a lifetime BMI Gold (treated as the rest of the BMI Golds).

BMI with BA today have also confirmed they’ll be allowing Diamond Club Destination Miles to Avios conversions, at a rate of 1:1 with an only tool. The tool will be available from 3 July 2012, to allow transfers between Diamond Club and Executive Club accounts.

Overall, it’s not surprising these changes are as the wind-down begins and aircraft transfer, with members expected to transfer over in due course to BA’s Executive Club.

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