Asiana Airlines brings forward its LA A380 service

For those of you who are tracking A380 inaugural flights, Asiana Airlines will be commencing their Airbus A380 superjumbo services to Los Angeles by a week.

Asiana Airlines A380 - Image, Airbus
Asiana Airlines Airbus A380 rolling out of the paint shop – Image, Airbus

The service will now commence on 20th August (instead of the 26th August) between Seoul Incheon and Los Angeles International, according to their site.

Asiana Airlines A380 Los Angeles operations

Asiana Airlines publicity page –

The Asiana Airlines A380 flight between Seoul and Los Angeles will operate as follows:

OZ201 DEPART LAX 12:20 ARRIVE ICN 17:20+1

Operates Daily 
OZ202/201 has A380 equipment booked from 20th August 2014

This is being reflected in the Asiana Airlines booking system, and both OZ202/201 are showing from the 20th August, as well as OZ204/203 which will be continued to be operated by a Boeing 777.

Asiana Airlines operations to LAX
Asiana operations to from Seoul Incheon to  Los Angeles International,  Booking engine data from 20th August 2014.

The airline will be operating their A380s

  • 12 first class suites
  • 66 business class seats
  • 417 economy ‘Travel Class’ seats
  • Total:  495 passengers

Tickets are on sale, and should provide those with a love of the double-decker plane an opportunity to enjoy it, as well as providing a great option between Korea and the USA.

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  • 12 first class suites
  • 66 business class seats
  • 417 economy ‘Travel Class’ seats,
  • Total:  495 passengers

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Asiana reveals pictures of its A380 cabins (First, Business and Travel)

As Asiana Airlines gears up to operate the double decks Airbus A380 aircraft, the airline has released some pretty pictures of the product.

First up is First Class… which in some respects looks like an Underground train with the entryways into the suites (with a two door sliding soultion, a 32″ screen,  in a 1-2-1 configuration on the lower deck of the plane

popup_imgL3Entrance to a suite… told you it looked like the entryway into a tube train.  Image, Asiana Airlines

Lit up in starlights. Image, Asiana Airlines

Bed and Duvet. I
mage, Asiana Airlines

Meanwhile in Business Class… or Business Smartium seat, staggered seats are the name of the game, with direct access to the aisle with all seats in a 2-2-2 formation, with a full flat seat. These will be on the upper deck of the A380.



Image, Asiana Airlines

Meanwhile Travel Class (or economy) looks a slimline seat with an 11’1″ screen installed, with seats on both the Upper and Lower decks

Image, Asiana Airlines

Image, Asiana Airlines

Seating configuration is finalised as:

  • 12 First Class Seats on the lower deck  (1-2-1)
  • 66 Business Class Seats on the upper deck  (2-2-2)
  • 106 Economy Class seats on the upper deck (2-4-2), 311 on the lower deck (3-4-3)
  • Total: 495 Seats

Asiana Airlines will operate the A380 on regional routes from Seoul and:

  • Hong Kong -  6 days a week between 13th June-23rd July, then daily between 24th July-14th August, 5 days a week from 15th August on flights OZ746/OZ745
  • Tokyo Narita – Operates Daily between 13th June and 14th August on OZ102/101
  • Osaka – Operate Daily between 24th July and 14th August on OZ112/111
  • Los Angeles – Operates Daily from 15th August on OZ202/201

The products look very pretty, with first class the usual overblown special, the business class looking functional (with a flat bed, and economy looking like… economy.

As usual, the proof is in the pudding when the Asiana A380s enter service…

Asiana Airlines A380 takes another step closer

At GhettoIFE, I have very soft spot for Asiana Airlines (Mainly for some excellent customer service experience, but also for some amazing flying experiences… like flying in a First Class Cabin as the only paying passenger).

As such I take a bit of an interest in what this airline does.

Asiana Airlines put in an order for its Airbus A380s – a fleet of six aircraft – some time ago (and following fellow carrier Korean Air who also operates the A380).

Their first aircraft is now out of the paint shop at Hamburg, and is looking rather smart.




Asiana Airlines A380 at Hamburg – Photos via Airbus SAS.

The first aircraft is due to have its cabin fitted, along with all the systems related to the cabin, along with performance testing – before being returned to Toulouse in preparation for delivery.

The cabin will feature a three class cabin, made up of:

  • 12 first class suites
  • 66 business class seats
  • 417 economy ‘Travel Class’ seats,
  • Total:  495 passengers

Delivery of the aircraft will be during the 2nd quarter of 2014 .

Asiana are planing to use the A380 initially on regional routes before being launched on a them to long haul routes to the USA – with Los Angeles earmarked as the first long haul destination.

Now, this is the point where I need to collect Star Alliance miles again isn’t it…

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Winners of the Lufthansa Rubber Duck and Asiana Airlines Amenity Kit

Well this has been a fun one, but it’s to announce the winners of the Fabulous Lufthansa Rubber Duck, and the Asiana Business Class Amenity Kit…

But, first… lets go through the comments for giggles, commentary and laughs.

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Thanks for taking part!

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GhettoIFE giveaway: Lufthansa Rubber Duck

For some, these are like gold-dust. Seriously. The only things more converted that these in the aviation world are the Rimowa Amenity Kits.

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