I was looking at my Google+ feed today, when this gem appeared..


It seems there is minor fiddling with the boarding process where those with not much baggage can skip ahead

The table on the AA site has been updated too:


Source : http://www.aa.com/i18n/urls/boarding.jsp?anchorLocation=DirectURL&title=boarding

As airlines seem to decrease load times and convice use to carry less, this is another tactic it seems to get those with no lover head luggage on first.

Hopefully this will not a prelude to AA charging for overhead bin luggage…

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4 Responses to “American Airlines adjusts its boarding policy for those with small bags”

  1. Ted says:

    As someone who tries to travel light, I am excited to hear this good news!

    (Also, might want to proofread the last paragraph one more time.)

  2. NYBanker says:

    PriorityAAccess might be better named, “middle of the pack access.”

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