Qantas has announced it is preparing to make changes to its Asia routings, as well as one European route as it moves towards the deep codesharing agreement between Emirates and themselves.

First up for European passengers – and quite unsurprising – is that Qantas will be pulling its Singapore – Frankfurt service (a continuation of the Sydney to Singapore service). Flight QF5/6 will be pulled from 15th April 2013.

Meanwhile, there are a raft of changes that Qantas have published with changes in flight times to allow better connections in Asia:

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The connections of course could be with Qantas’s own Jetstar airlines, or with Oneworld member Cathay Pacific… but I’m sure Qantas management would like you on Jetstar…

Meanwhile, the following Joint services have been announced – these will be operated by Emirates with Emirates flight codes:

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For Qantas and Emirates, this is a leap forward as they prepare to make their relationship a lot closer, whilst allowing Qantas’s international arm to try and improve the performance of it.

Whilst this is going on, the airline is strengthening its position in Singapore and Hong Kong, with a new lounges opening in both locations.

As well as this, there are rumblings of the future with the airline considering refitting its Airbus A330 with a new seat in business class – with a lie flat bed, and with consideration of the incoming Boeing 787-9 fleet (due for delivery in 2016) and where it could service.

Qantas state that Beijing, Delhi Mumbai, Seoul and Tokyo-Haneda are all on the radar for 2016 onward (providing Boeing sorts out the trouble they’re currently having with the 787-8′s that are in service at the moment.).

Will all this lead to the turnaround that Qantas needs? A very good question that hopefully will be answered too.

There’s also a saying – “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”

Which is nice, until that enemy turns around and bites you….

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2 Responses to “Qantas to axe Frankfurt – Singapore route early, annouces changes to Asia routes”

  1. Peterson says:

    Not sure if that’s the correct strategy for QF – continuously shrinking Asia, handing over as many 330-capable routes to JQ (still a glorified LCC) as possible, and essentially ceding EMEA/India to EK.

    SQ is eating QF’s lunch on the Kangaroo, CX is getting all the feed for North Asia and China, while VA is giving them a run for their money on TPAC routes to LAX.

    They’re rapidly becoming “Sydney Airlines”.

  2. Tom says:

    Thanks for the heads up. Just rebooked my Perth-Hong Kong in May which got axed. Now flying on Cathay.

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