Earlier today, I looked at the losers of the sale of BMI to IAG. Lets be more congratulative and look at the winners

  • The big winner is of course International Airlines Group and its subsidiary British Airways who have got a total of 42 pairs of slots to play with at London Heathrow.  As well as that they get the staff, facilities and aircraft too.
  • Lufthansa although a looser is technically a winner as they have managed to offload BMI onto someone else, and it is no longer a black hole in their accounts.
  • A lot of the BMI Mainline crew come up on top as they’re probably safe from the cuts
  • A lot of Diamond Club Customers actually come out very well out of this: in fact better than I though they would. The Status Match (equal level to level) is very welcome indeed. The 1:1 Avios transfer  – although not unexpected – is equally welcome.
  • And the airlines who want those 14 spare slots at London Heathrow. Which could be an interesting fight depending how the slots are used… and if they’re used for their intended purposes.

So comparatively fewer winners than looses, but wins enough for the remaining staff, IAG and BA and even Lufthansa who don’t have to throw any more money away.

And heck, so of us win when it comes to status and avios’s.

Coming tomorrow, is a little timetable of what to do and when.

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